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writes on October 8, 2009

Dave McClure gave a killer talk at FOWA London that gave some great advice for web start-ups. If that’s you, make sure not to miss this talk. You can also view the slides or download the audio. Enjoy!

Also, we’ve just launched FOWA Miami! There are only 7 early bird tickets left (after just one day on sale), so they’re going to go quick.

The Video

The slides

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  1. I really enjoy Dave’s no nonsense style and delivery. Ryan – please keep Dave on the list of speakers to contact for future events, thanks. I’m a fan 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video and slides. Lots of good information, especially about killing a feature.

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  4. I’ve watched the video three times now, just today! I think it’s great how Dave cuts through the BS and gets down to the core of what a website needs to do. Good advice for anyone starting a website!

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