LearnSocial networking to s-l-o-w

writes on October 22, 2007

A report from Datamonitor applies the brakes to an industry obsessed with the social network. It predicts growth (which will still be huge short-term) will eventually plateau.

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  1. Peter Ryder on October 22, 2007 at 3:42 pm said:

    Growth will inevitably plateau once all the users who wish to use social networking sites have joined. I believe that many sites will then decline in user numbers as people get bored. This will particularly impact sites such as My Space (already seeing declines in Australia) whose emphasis is more focused on self expression rather than socializing. So long as the human race doesn’t get bored of communicating with friends (not likely), then this new communication medium is here to stay, and this is perhaps why facebook will be around longer than My Space. We’re not bored of text messaging…

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