We’re launching the brand new Carsonified.com site this Thursday (July 9th) so we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at one of the major images for the site.

This is an image that’s going on the homepage of the new site. It’s a sketch by Mike, which is one of many that will be on the new site. Points goes to the first person that can figure out why we’re using heart imagery.

Drawing of a heart
View full size.

Treasure Hunt baby!

To celebrate, we thought we’d organize a crazy treasure hunt. The treasure is an all expenses paid trip to any Carsonified event, so the hunt isn’t going to be easy 🙂

Movie poster from the film 'Goonies'

Here’s some more info for you:

WHEN: We’ll release the first clue Thursday on this blog

HOW: As you find each clue, you will be lead to another clue. You’ll need a bit of dedication and good ol’ fashion detective work to figure it out. Should be fun 🙂

PRIZE: An all expense paid trip to one of our events (FOWA London, FOWD Tour, FOWD NYC or Stack Overflow Dev Days).

It’s a race so the first person to find the treasure will win the trip. Be ready and keep your eyes peeled on Thursday 🙂