This weekend I’m hanging out at ConvergeSE in South Carolina, and I got a chance to catch up with my pal, Chris Coyier, of CSS Tricks fame. When you hang out with Chris you can’t help but learn something new, whether it be about CSS, browsers, or Bluegrass music. Right now, he’s working on a very nice redesign of his site that uses responsive web design in combination with CSS3 transitions. As with any responsive design, the layout changes as the browser window is resized, but when transitions are added on top of this, the layout changes animate smoothly.

I thought this was pretty nifty. Even though most users won’t resize a browser window to see a responsive design in action (or perhaps they will, I don’t know), it’s still a very nice touch of polish. After doing some more research, I discovered that Mr. Elliot Jay Stocks recently posted a fantastic article about CSS transitions and media queries that goes into more detail.