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Sketches, Wireframes & Logo Ideas – Meet Our New App

Logo for Hello Application

We’re working our asses off in the next four days to build a simple app called “Hello”. The strap-line is “Turn to your neighbor and say …”, so you can probably guess what it does.

We’re hoping you can use this experience to pick up tips on …

  1. Code: We’re releasing it live and open-sourced, as we build: Feel free to fork it.
  2. Design: We’ll be sharing the logo and UI design, as it progresses.
  3. UX: We’re scanning our wireframes, no matter how rough, and releasing them to download (see below).

Why are we doing it?

  1. To entertain and amuse you 🙂
  2. Help you learn from our mistakes
  3. Shed some light on another company’s design and build process
  4. Open up the conversation about ASP.NET MVC

Some of you may be suprised by #4 as we usually build in Rails. The reason we’ve chosen ASP.NET MVC is because we feel that a lot of developers blindly choose frameworks like Rails because 1) Everyone says it’s cool and 2) They hate Microsoft.

There’s a negativity towards the Microsoft stack that we think is narrow minded. Surely we should be technology agnostic, and simply choose the best tool for the job, right? If Jeff Atwood (founder of Stack Overflow) codes in ASP.NET MVC, then surely it’s worth a look. For those of you who haven’t come across the framework the description from the site is:

A free, fully supported, web framework that provides total control over your HTML and URLs, enables rich AJAX scripting, and facilitates test driven development.

With that in mind, we pitched an idea to Microsoft where we use some of the sponsorship funds for Future of Web Apps to build an app in ASP.NET MVC. We’ll share all the positive elements of the framework, along with the frustrations. Hopefully it’ll be interesting for all of you.

I want to say a huge thank you to Matt Lee, an awesome ASP.NET MVC developer from Red Gate, who is building Hello. Keir is helping with the database design, Mike is doing all the design work, and I’m doing the wireframing, filming and blogging.

First Draft Wireframes

View larger

View larger

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Second Draft Wireframe

View larger

First Draft Logos

First Draft Home Page Designs

Feel Free to Follow Along

We’ll be tweeting from @carsonified with progress updates, interviews and photos. We’re hoping (fingers crossed) to launch at 5pm London time on Thursday Aug 13th. It’ll be a fun ride 🙂

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