LearnI’m shaving my head for charity. Help out!


writes on August 11, 2008

Kevin Rose recently challenged me to shave my head for charity and it sounded like a great idea (and Gill even gave her blessing). So this Thursday, Aug 14th, is the big day. I’m going to shave my head live on Ustream.tv.

Ryan with long hair, screaming.

As you all know, us Carsonites are passionate about the web, so we thought it’d be great to raise money for a charity that helps people with disabilities use the web better. AbilityNet fits that bill perfectly.

If you’d like to donate, we’re giving away some great publicity:

$500 – You get a link in the news on Vitamin (15,000+ subscribers)

$1,000 – The above + your URL on screen during the live shaving + your URL in the post-shaving article on Carsonified.com (3,500+ subscribers)

$5,000 – All of the above + your URL at the bottom of a Vitamin article (50,000+ subscribers) + your URL in a post-shaving Tweet by Ryan (3,800+ followers)

$10,000 – All of the above + your logo on the big screen at the beginning of FOWA and a thank you from Ryan from stage to the entire audience (2,000+ attendees)

Please help us out!


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22 Responses to “I’m shaving my head for charity. Help out!”

  1. Look her face pardon his face

  2. Hi Ryan

    What’s next Air Guitar?

    Just kidding

    Thought I would ask for a little help from Ryan by asking for his Vote for my South by Southwest Panel Idea: From Consumed to Thrifty: Strategies for the Good Life in a Wobbly Economy.

    It will not be about doomsday scenarios but rather how events challenge us to reconsider how we do things.

    Voting ends on Friday, August 29.

    More details on Serge the Concierge

    Vote for our idea Thanks to the Panel Picker.

    Don’t catch a head cold.

    Take care

    ‘The French Guy from New Jersey’

  3. Thanks everyone! We had a blast during the shave 🙂

  4. Well done, Ryan 🙂 and that was fun 🙂
    Shame you didn’t go with the mohawk look though….

  5. Has the deed been done??

  6. johnnyh on August 14, 2008 at 2:12 pm said:

    Has no one mentioned “Shaving Private Ryan?”

    Or worse – “Shaving ryan’s privates?”

    Best of luck with the hair-do

  7. ryan where is the address for us to watch this live.? i am new sorry

  8. Thanks so much Ryan – we really appreciate it

    I think we need to challenge someone to really go for it !

    who will be the first person (and I suspect this is one for the men) to offer to submit to a full body waxing for charity ? A strategically placed webcam showing facial expression throughout would be worth a lot to people !!!

    Before you ask – no its not me !

    Director of Development

  9. heyyy what is the adress we can watch the shaving on lol would be soo funy!!!!

  10. That Kevin is a bad influence on you Ryan. You don’t need to go along with all his crazy suggestions 🙂

  11. Gentle Reader on August 11, 2008 at 6:11 pm said:

    This is a great cause, glad to see you’re participating.

    My guess, though, is that you’ll be “buzzing” your hair, as opposed to actually shaving your head.

    The former, hardly a statement these days, usually involves a set of electric clippers, the latter a razor and some shaving cream and still “says something.”

  12. Ryan, you look soo EMO in that shot. CUT IT ALL OFF. ALL OF IT. hehe

  13. I did that a few years ago and never looked back. Bald is Beautiful!

  14. Go for it Ryan, good cause and awesome and well done gill as well.

  15. woohoo we’ll be watching!

  16. Dominic on August 11, 2008 at 4:30 pm said:

    I am with you, bring on the clippers buzzzzz

  17. Hair today, gone tomorrow Thursday!

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