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Ryan Carson
writes on December 20, 2018

Let us introduce you to Shari.

She is one of 12 women working toward an entry-level engineering job made possible by Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO) and our TalentPath program, a training solution for hiring and retaining engineers from underrepresented groups.

When life is easy it’s easy to forget what a struggle it can be for others to just get started. Shari has dealt with homelessness and more recently health issues after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but she hasn’t given up.

“After moving to Portland from Michigan, as I searched for employment, I knew it would be difficult to find something I could physically handle.”

After turning to Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO), a not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, they helped her update her résumé and get new clothes for interviews. They also introduced her to TalentPath and the opportunity to train to become a software engineer at Acquia, a company specializing in managing digital customer experience.

She is now a member of the first DFSO TalentPath cohort and she’s excited to be entering an industry where she feels like she can have a job that is both creative and challenging.

Donate to Dress for Success so they can help more women like Shari.

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