Learn25% off Web Design Workshops – Next week!

writes on April 10, 2007

As faithful Carsonified readers, I’d like to give you a discount to our web design workshops next week:

* Design Principles for Web Apps
* Creating Kick-Ass Microsites
* CSS and XHTML for Designers
* Expert, Elegant Web Typography
* Accessible Design 101
* How to design great Flash sites

Get 25% off with this code: CARSONIFIED-DEAL

Future of Web Design Workshops

0 Responses to “25% off Web Design Workshops – Next week!”

  1. Soooo, how about doing one of these in New Zealand :(?

  2. David – sorry you can’t make it! Next year 🙂

  3. designer on April 11, 2007 at 6:30 pm said:

    Maybe if you are offering courses on design and typography, you could use a ligature in “carsonified”? Just a thought? I’m a classically trained, typographically sensitive designer and don’t trust “designers” who don’t use ligatures!

  4. How very nice of you, Ryan. Sadly FOWD is at a bad time for me this year, but hopefully I’ll be able to make another “Future of..” conference.

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