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writes on March 9, 2011

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Howdy folks! I’ve got an insane 24-hour deal for you (expires Thurs March 10th) …

100% off your first month of Think Vitamin Membership, our video training site for web designers and developers.

Remember, this offer expires in 24 hours (Thurs March 10th). We will not be discounting Think Vitamin Membership again in 2011. This is your last chance to grab this deal.

Just sign up using this link.

Here’s what you get with your free month of Membership:

  1. All Members: 350+ cutting edge video tutorials. All are downloadable and you can keep them even if you cancel. 10 new videos added every week.
  2. All Members: Free Toolkit: Web Design Audio Book, Icon Set, Web Designer Tool Kit Poster, and 52 useful background and texture images
  3. All Members: Closed captions for deaf
  4. Gold Members: Master Classes, intensive 60-minute video tutorials on cutting-edge web topics like jQuery, UX, Rails, PHP, iPhone Apps, CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, NoSQL and more. Two new Master Classes released every month.
  5. Gold Members: 89 conference videos from Future of Web Design London/NYC and Future of Web Apps London ($450 value)

Thanks for being a fans of what we do here at Carsonified. We’re honored and humbled to be a part of this awesome community.

[Awesome photo by Mike Bailey-Gates.]


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45 Responses to “Save 100% on Think Vitamin Membership (24 hour sale)”

  1. Ack, I can’t believe I missed this! haha, that’s what I get for not checking google reader more often! Awesome deal Ryan!

  2. Hi, Ryan.
    I just subscribed for the Gold Membership, MediaTemple send me the email with this deal.

    Where could I watch videos from Future of Web Design London/NYC and Future of Web Apps London?
    Can’t find the link in membership zone.

  3. Wow, Ryan, this is a great deal!

  4. Another question: the account page says “Your next payment is due on Thu March 10 2012”. Why so? I want only to test it in a month. After that month i like to end my subscription. will i still pay after that?

    • Hi Nick. Sorry for the confusion. There’s a bug in our PayPal process that when the amount is $0.00 it says it will charge you the next day. This won’t happen, don’t worry. I believe Alan rolled out a fix already.

      Thanks for signing up! πŸ™‚

  5. Nm, I found it πŸ™‚

  6. Hey Ryan, I’ve just signed up for an account, but I cant find the Free Toolkit. Can you tell me where to look at? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for the generous offer! Was thinking about getting a membership for a while and couldn’t resist when I noticed the link on twitter.

    Out of curiosity is there a reason why the videos and master pages have a different design to the others?

  8. How to cancel my subscription?

  9. Hey Ryan,

    I’m a member already but had to cancel my subscription this past Monday, can I re-activate it by using this offer? And can I make it a gold plan?


  10. I just signed up for the silver package with the 50% off promo for subscribing to the newsletter last week. Can I take advantage of the 100% off promo if I upgrade to the Gold?

  11. Wow! Right on time! I was sort of ‘sponsored’ for 2 months of gold membership and planned on subscribing next week, and here you go. Nice.

    By the way, ‘Web Designer Tool Kit Poster’ is that huge huge print you were giving away not so long ago? Do you ship to Russia?

  12. I signed up for the Gold Membership – fantastic videos by the way – but was still charged the full amount ($58.80). So it seems I didn’t benefit from the deal. Any ideas as to why that happened?

  13. hi
    what if after that month i like to end my subscription? will i still pay?
    i do not understand why i cannot buy just one course? why do i have to pay for things i might not be interested, just because one or two courses does interest me?

    • Hey Ron. If you cancel your Membership before the month finishes, you won’t be charged anything.

      We decided to not go with the a la carte model because we wanted to build a community of Members, not one-time buyers.

  14. Hey guys, apologies about the issue you’re describing. It’s a strange bug with PayPal. We’re on it and it should be fixed very soon. So sorry! We’ll be activating all your account soon. Thanks for signing up!

    Everyone else: Feel free to keep signing up. We’ll take care of you, don’t worry!

  15. Sounds like a great deal! I signed up for Gold. However in my Dashboard it says the following:
    It appears that you are not currently subscribed to any of our plans. Maybe you started a free trial, and it has since expired. Never fear, you can choose from our available plans below and subscribe right now…

    I even created a subscription on paypal. Clicking on Gold Membership in the dashboard doesn’t work either.

  16. Rasmuswillemoes on March 9, 2011 at 11:05 am said:

    Will you be charging anything when i jot down my credit card information? – And can I sign up for gold?

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