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Dan Gorgone
writes on November 12, 2012

As challenging as starting your own business can be, it can be just as difficult to keep your eye on your company’s day to day operations. But just as millions of people have embraced their phones and tablets for content consumption and creation, so have many small business owners and employees for the management of their primary business functions.

Almost 90% of small business owners already use mobile phones and apps. Taking advantage of this technology to run their business is the natural next step, and one many are already using to increase productivity. Many of these small business owners and employees are working on other projects already, perhaps in full-time jobs or as students, and cannot wait to meetup at a central office location – if one even exists – to get their work done. As their time is already stretched thin, the mobile device has become a lifeline to keep their business running.

According to recent data, 78% of small business owners feel more productive by using mobile apps for specific business functions , especially when there are less than five employees involved in the company.

Whether it’s managing emails, social media, or client relations, managing communication on a mobile is an easy fit for employees on the go. Whether you’re using Gmail, Sparrow, or another email app, managing multiple accounts on your phone can cut down response time to customers and allow you to address any problems more quickly. And if you’re not already running Twitter, Facebook, and other social network apps to monitor your presence, you’re missing an easy opportunity to stay informed and connected to your customers.

In addition, viewing and collaborating on documents is a necessity that has been accomplished through web apps, mobile apps, or both. The suite of Google Drive products provides access to basic business needs, such as email, document creation and management, and file management. Dropbox is another essential app used by millions for file management, especially syncing across multiple devices.

Managing projects also means managing ideas, and Evernote is an app many swear by to collect notes in text and visual formats. Typing in ideas, taking pictures of inspirational visuals, and recording your own audio provide a healthy variety of ways to capture your ideas before you lose them.

Keeping track of financials is another challenge for small businesses, resulting in paperwork nightmares for many come tax time. Expensify allows employees to keep track of expenses, even allowing for receipt uploads, as well as mileage they incur for any travel.

However, if you’re making actual sales, Square provides mobile users with an easy way to accept credit cards for their products and services. With a low transaction fee and free credit card reader, it’s easy to adopt and set in place for your transactions.

More apps are built every day, and it’s clear with the rising number of mobile users that small business owners are demanding even more ways to run their business from their phone; many already cannot run their company without it. Keep an eye out for more ways to revolutionize the way you run your business – your competition will too!


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