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writes on April 15, 2011

Last month Facebook launched a new feature called Facebook Questions which allows you to easily poll your friends. Around the web, people have compared Facebook Questions to similar services like Yahoo! Answers, Quora, or Mahalo.

However, the great thing about Facebook Questions is that it’s already integrated into the powerful ecosystem that is Facebook. You simply write up a question, create some multiple choice options, and then post it to your wall. This makes it easy to compile quantitative data, as opposed to asking a question in plain text and then sifting through a list of comments.

My buddy Bob Baldwin was the lead on Facebook Questions, and for as much as I gripe to him about Facebook (sorry, Bob) I think Questions is my favorite feature. Why? Because Facebook Questions aren’t exclusive to user profiles; You can also ask Questions on a Facebook Page. This is a very powerful tool for Page owners, because you’re able to quickly gather market research from your existing community, negating some of the need for site surveys, contests, and more intrusive methods.

For example, say that you run a bakery, and you need to decide between three different baked goods for next week. Why not crowd source the decision to your Facebook fans (likely your best customers) and ask them what they would like to buy? With a large enough sample size, a perfectly split result is quite rare, so you should be able to make business decisions more confidently.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Questions will be coming to Groups, but it certainly is fascinating to watch Facebook continue to evolve. What do you think of Facebook Questions so far?


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5 Responses to “Research Your Market with Facebook Questions”

  1. It’s a nice concept. But it’s very slow/laggy and buggy. Try using Chrome and answering a question where you can pick multiple answers. You might see how frustrating it can be.

  2. Webonomist on April 18, 2011 at 3:16 am said:

    Both my wife and I had questions posted about two weeks ago. Both were insulting and intrusive. It looked like they came from other friends, but they received them as well. I thought that they were scams or the result of some serious data mining. I cancelled my facebook account and advised others to do the same. There’s just too much personal data floating around in cyberspace.

  3. I think it’s fascinating and further strengthens yours or anyone’s network on facebook.


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