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writes on March 8, 2011

Every Tuesday we do a live video Q&A for Web Designers and Developers. This week we upped the quality and production value a ton. Here are some of the questions we covered:

  1. Do you recommend using HTML5 Boilerplate?
  2. Where do you guys get your Textmate bundles?
  3. How scalable is HTML5 offline storage? At what point would you say “that’s too much data”?
  4. What’s the one new web technology you’re most excited about right now?
  5. Do you guys think the web designers of today need to know the fundamentals of development in order to survive?
  6. Nick what’s your race on Starcraft?
  7. With the 4-day week, what happens when you don’t finish your work by Friday? Do you work that day sometimes?

You can re-watch the 30-minute session below …

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

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  1. Thanks for shairng this tutorial,keep on writing and hardworking your post are stunning and full of information

  2. For anyone looking for the SASS TextMate bundle, it is available for download at the bottom of this page: http://sass-lang.com/editors.html

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