LearnQuick Tips: Easy jQuery Documentation and Responsive Scalable Headlines

writes on June 10, 2011

Scalable Headlines for your responsive layout

by @allison_house

If you want scalable headlines on your fluid or responsive layout, look no further than FitText. It’s a jQuery plugin that makes big type flexible, forcing it to fill the width of the containing parent element.

Easy jQuery documentation

by @commondream

It’s impossible to remember every available method in jQuery, so when I’m working on front end code using jQuery I’m usually digging through their documentation as well. Instead of using the jQuery site, though, I browse jQuery’s documentation on jqapi.com. It’s a site that format’s jQuery’s documentation much more cleanly and provides a search that’s really easy to use.

5 Responses to “Quick Tips: Easy jQuery Documentation and Responsive Scalable Headlines”

  1. like this kinda bacon bits. keep it coming. 🙂

  2. I think you can put this code into section. In fact, it has no with releation with Dreamweaver. Here is my code:…$(function(){$(‘#xmenu > li:eq(5)’).addClass(‘now’);$(‘#xbar > td:eq(1)’).addClass(‘now’);$(‘div.xpanel’).css(‘float’, ‘right’);$(‘div.xpart’).css(‘float’, ‘left’);})…http://forcefactorsupplementsreviews.wordpress.com 

  3. Why isn’t something like this (correct me if I’m wrong) in the CSS3 spec? We seem to have a lot of things for making sites prettier, but shouldn’t responsive design be higher priority?

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