LearnPowerful new features in Google Analytics

Ryan Carson
writes on January 30, 2008

Google has recently released some amazing new functionality for it’s free (!) service Google Analytics. If you’re already using GA, make sure to update your tracking code to the new version.

By far, the coolest new feature is the ability to track independent metrics against each other to see how they correlate. For instance, you could compare page views and completed goals to see if there was any relation.

Here are some of the new features:

* Event Tracking – This allows you to track events on any page, separate from page views. For example: any Flash-driven element, embedded AJAX page elements, page gadgets/widgets, file downloads, load times for data and more.

* Automatic detection for SSL/HTTPS (you used to have to insert different code for http and https).

* Ability to graph multiple data points at once

* Six new languages

* Tracking pages in multiple accounts

* Subdomain tracking

* Visitor tracking across domains

* E-commerce transactions tracking

0 Responses to “Powerful new features in Google Analytics”

  1. Excellent tool this Google Analytics!

  2. Google really livin it up huh.. something like that would really help..
    To Simos ,i use IE7 and this web still looks fine on my screen.

  3. Hey Ryan my signature (hyperlink) seems to have disappeared from my previous post and the formatting of this page appears a bit strange now (at least on my browser) – there is a wooden floor background to the comments form and the meny items on the right seem to have moved down the page and over the wooden floor background.
    Maybe I should start using Mozilla? (I use IE7 – sorry all!!!)

  4. Thanks Ryan – I’ll check those features out; some of them look pretty useful actually! I have to say it’s amazing how far GA has come in such a short space of time..


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