LearnThere is a Place for Everyone at the Tech Table

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Faye Bridge
writes on September 26, 2017

Today, more than ever, diversity is fundamental to the tech industry and its future. Below are a few compelling reasons you may not have considered yet.

Diversity creates better products

Diversity of thinking and experience creates better products. Each member of a team can bring a different viewpoint and mindset, adding value to whatever they build together. Bring all of these together and the combined results will be as unique as the team that created them.

Diversity harnesses accessibility

Given that 2.3 billion people worldwide now have a smartphone (that’s over a third of the world’s population) and 3.8 billion use the internet (50% of the world’s population), it undisputable that tech plays a fundamental role in our lives. That’s why tech needs to be accessible, and what harnesses accessibility? Diversity and the combined perspective a group of people can bring.

Diversity meets demand

As the role of tech continued to expand, so does the demand for developers. According to a recent study by GlassDoor, there are an estimated 263,586 unfilled tech jobs listed online in the U.S. that combined are worth $21 billion. Whatsmore, you don’t need a college degree to land one of those positions. Coding is a learnable skill for anyone that is willing to put in the hard work and dedication. Take Treehouse student, Priscilla for example, a full-time mom who learned to code and after 6 months became a front end developer.

The case for diversity is undisputable, so ultimately all I ask is that you leave this page feeling a sense of personal responsibility to encourage diversity at your workplace, and help spread the word industry-wide that there is a place for everyone at the tech table.

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  1. I have mostly recognized this, but this article is awesome & eyes opened! Thanks

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