LearnPassion, Pith and Productivity: An Interview With Cameron Moll

writes on October 24, 2011

With The Future of Web Design NYC just around the corner, this week I caught up with Keynote speaker, Cameron Moll, to find out a little more about his presentation…

Q1. We’re delighted to have you delivering one of the keynotes at FOWD NYC this year, Cameron! What made you choose this particular topic to speak on?

I’ll be speaking about passion, pith, and productivity, and they really are things that have been pillars of my design career. But I’ve watched other successful designers excel in these three areas, as well. If there’s anything that, through sharing my personal experiences, will help others cultivate and refine a successful design career, I feel obligated to impart my knowledge — passionately, and hopefully with a little pith.

Q2. Could you briefly describe / summarize the route that your own design career has taken over the years? What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

As brief as possible, I grew up using my hands for all kinds of things like woodworking and music, didn’t get a degree in design, thought I’d climb the ranks as a VP of marketing, fell into design along the way and found I like that a whole lot more than design, self-taught with the help of blogs, books, and great conferences like FOWD, made tons of mistakes along the way and hope I make many more for a lifetime of learning.

I’m motivated by a ceaseless desire to always be producing and to design things I’ve never designed. I’m also pretty motivated by the fact that a kid half my age could easily replace my voice in the community, or my job for that matter, if I slack off.

Q3. What are you looking forward to most about speaking at FOWD NYC?

There was such a wonderful energy at last year’s event, and I’m looking forward to being part of that again. More specifically, meeting great people, and hopefully saying something that will inspire them to push and expand the boundaries of their talent.

Come and see Cameron speak in person next month at The Future of Web Design NYC! Some limited availability remaining and heaps of amazing web learning, inspiration, networking and general fun to be had 🙂

(Thanks to San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives via The Commons / Flickr for the image used above!)

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  2. Interesting post. Thanks!!!!

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