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writes on November 11, 2018

Happy Veteran’s Day to all who have served our country!

We are very proud to be able to partner with Operation Code who help veterans move into new careers in tech.

Operation Code supports veterans who want to transition by connecting beginners with mentors and industry professionals, and by providing a space for their community to thrive. They host meetups, manage Slack channels and organize other events to promote communication. Ideally, they are looking for folks currently serving in the military to help them get started by building skills and engaging with resources 12 months before exiting into civilian life. However, Operation Code does have members who are still in the military and also helps those who have been out for many years.

If you’re a veteran looking to start a new career in tech, please reach out to Operation Code. Their community (and ours) are here to support you.

Check out these testimonials who have learned to code through Operation Code and Treehouse

The online learning experience is enabling me to learn JavaScript at my own pace. I am slowly working on a “passion project” in order to apply what I am learning on Team treehouse and in person

By allowing me the opportunity to stay relevant, level up my skills and growing my career in an area (full-stack), which I have been yearning to do for a while.

I feel confident to pursue a job in the tech industry.

I am starting my own online business and am using Treehouse to jumpstart the development.

It has given me the tools to start learning web development and build up my skill base as I continue to work towards my goals. I’m only in the beginning stages of my career change, and when I first started learning I struggled to keep myself motivated. I found the program I was first learning from pretty difficult. However, I decided to give coding another chance, and I can say that learning from Team Treehouse has really kept me motivated. Their classes are very engaging and student friendly.

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