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Note Taking Nirvana?

A month ago my “partner in life” decided to get an iPhone 3GS. Over the last few weeks she has become the queen of the App Store and has introduced me to a number of apps that had passed me by. Some are more useful to me than others but the one I have been most impressed with is Evernote for the iPhone.

Evernote is a great little app that allows you to take notes either as text, voice memos or photos. Admittedly there are a million apps out there that do that but what really hooked me was the free desktop app (OSX and Windows) that goes with it. It’s very simple to use and allows easy access to your notes as well as a good writing panel. As someone who used to note take in text files it’s great having all my ideas in one easy to access app.

OSX Desktop App

All your notes are seamlessly synced to the Evernote servers allowing you to take notes on the move and then have them available to you when you arrive at the office. It just works. There’s also a nice online app that goes with it for times when you don’t have access to your own computer.

Online Web App

The iPhone app, the OSX desktop app and the online web app are all very simple to use. It’s easy to tag your notes and you can have multiple notebooks. There’s also the facility to email your notes to colleagues as well as filter and search in a number of ways as well as Twitter integration allowing to send your tweets and Twitpic’s to your account.

The basic account is free and there’s the option to upgrade to the Premium version for $5 a month or $45 a year. This gives you more space, no ads (although they are not intrusive) and a couple more features.

If you use Evernote and have any pro tips or have another app that works for you then please let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Evernote, I just find it very useful.

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