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New & Upcoming Course Highlights: Python & Java Practice Sessions

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.

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Practice Basic Math Calculations in Python – Kenneth Love (4 minutes)

Let’s practice doing math and type conversions!

Practice Using Strings and Lists in Python – Kenneth Love (3 minutes)

Practice creating basic strings and lists in Python. Use Python’s multiplication abilities to save yourself some work!

Practice Input and Output in Java – Craig Dennis (5 minutes)

In this Practice Session we will work with I/O in Java.


Express Basics (Refresh) – (Later this month)

Learn how to use Express.js to build dynamic websites on the Node.js platform. In the process, you’ll learn some fundamental HTTP concepts that you can apply to any other framework!

Build a Restaurant Reviews App – (Later this month)

In this course we’re going to build an app to read reviews on restaurants in our area using the Foursquare API. To do this we’re going to learn about user authentication with OAuth, and writing networking code using protocols and generics. In addition you will learn how to display varying content in cells that adjust its size, use location and map based frameworks to display results and much more.

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