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writes on December 12, 2016

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.

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Java Objects – Craig Dennis

Java is an Object Oriented Programming language. Literally everything you interact with is an object, so understanding them is critical to your Java foundational base. In this course, we will learn how to create, use and express ideas using objects.

Protocols in Swift 3 – Pasan Premaratne

Called interfaces in other languages, protocols define a blueprint of methods, properties, and other requirements that suit a particular task or piece of functionality. Protocols allow us to build flexible, decoupled objects without the limitations of inheritance. In this course, we’ll learn how to write basic protocols in Swift, how they are used in iOS development and how they lead better code reuse.

Building Applications with React and ReduxGuil Hernandez & Beau Palmquist

Redux is a state management framework that provides a robust infrastructure that complements React applications. This course will build on the Scoreboard application that was developed in the React Basics course.


Content ProvidersBen Deitch (32 minutes)

Learn about how to use a Content Provider to serve up data for your app.

How to Review a Techdegree Project Treasure Porth (13 minutes)

For our Techdegree students: Improve your technical communication skills; practice reading code; and learn the basics of reviewing other students’ projects.

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Python Collections Refresh Kenneth Love (December)

We can get pretty far in Python with numbers, strings, lists, booleans, and basic logic. Eventually, though, we’re going to need more complex containers for our data. We’re also going to need more control over lists and strings. In Python Collections, I’ll teach you about dictionaries, sets, tuples, slices, and how to exert even more control over lists in your Python programs!

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  1. Ignacio Rojas on December 13, 2016 at 7:18 pm said:

    Hello, I would like than tree house prepare a course about Progressive Web Apps, it’s something that big web pages uses, like Wish, Telegram, Pokedex…

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