Treehouse NewsNew & Upcoming Course Highlights: Entity Framework & Swift 3

writes on February 17, 2017

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.

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Entity Framework Migrations – James Churchill

In this course, you’ll learn how to use Entity Framework Code First Migrations to propagate data model changes to your database

Generics in Swift 3 – Pasan Premaratne

Swift is a powerful, flexible and safe language and those characteristics are all embodied by Generics. In this course, you’ll explore how you can use generics to make your code reusable, elegant and clean.


App Deployment Accounts  Jay McGavren (23 minutes; Pro content)

It’s considered best practice for your developer account to have limited access, and to create a separate deployment account with full control over the system. You can use the deployment account to set up your app and deploy new versions, and use your development account for day-to-day maintenance tasks, secure in the knowledge that making a mistake won’t break everything.

Dependency Injection in Swift – Amit Bijlani (21 minutes; Pro content)

The dependency injection design pattern is a fancy term for a simple concept. You don’t need any libraries of frameworks just an understanding of what is a dependency and how it can be injected into your application objects. Dependency injection makes your objects easy to test, and easy to maintain.



Deployment with Capistrano (March)

In this course, we’re going to show you how to automate deploys to make them fast, easy, and safe. We’ll be using the Ruby community’s most popular deployment framework, Capistrano.

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