Treehouse NewsNew & Upcoming Course Highlights: Callback Functions, Big Data, SQL, & more

Ryan Carson
writes on July 20, 2017

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here’s a short list of what we’ve added recently, upcoming course highlights, and our weekly video update of What’s New at Treehouse.


Callback Functions in JavaScript– Andrew Chalkley (60 minutes)

Callback functions are a foundational concept in JavaScript. Callbacks are used in timers, user interaction events, loading data from a server and used in Node.js. Whether you’re a budding front-end or back-end developer, callbacks are everywhere!

Introduction to Big DataCraig Dennis (51 minutes)

Big data represents an entire ecosystem of data sets, tools, and applications. This course is intended to get you familiar with the concepts, problem spaces, and overall ecosystem of Big Data.

Build a Restaurant Reviews AppPasan Premaratne (282 minutes)

In this course we’re going to build an app to read reviews on restaurants in our area using the Yelp API. To do this we’re going to learn about user authentication with OAuth, and writing networking code using protocols and generics. In addition you will learn how to display varying content in cells that adjust its size, use location and map based frameworks to display results and much more.

SQL Reporting by ExampleBen Deitch (64 minutes)

In this course you’ll get lots of practice writing SQL queries in a realistic environment!


Debugging CSS with Chrome DevToolsGuil Hernandez (35 minutes)

In this course you’ll get lots of practice writing SQL queries in a realistic environment!


Python for File Systems– (July 2017)

Python is a great language for the automated handling of files and directories. In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate your file system with Python and create and manipulate files and directories. At the end, you’ll build a project starter to make starting your Flask project just a little bit easier.

Jupyter Notebooks– (July 2017)

The Jupyter project has an amazing tool for Python, Julia, R, and other languages. Learn how to install Jupyter Notebooks, use them, and install kernels for other languages.

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