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Faye Bridge
writes on September 5, 2016

Every week, new courses and workshops are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what we’ve added recently, as well as a few highlights from our Content Roadmap.

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Jim Hoskins

React Basics Jim Hoskins

Get up and running with React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React allows you to describe how your app should be displayed in a very easy to understand way. It also helps eliminate the complexity that comes with updating your DOM elements when the user interacts with your application. React provides a new way to think about building web applications and will change the way you think about interactivity on the web.

Intermediate C# – Jeremy McLain

This course builds on what we learned in C# Objects. We’ll learn more essential principles of object-oriented programming as we improve the Treehouse Defense game.

Kotlin for Java Developers Ben Deitch

Kotlin is a newer language that runs in a JVM and and can be used to develop Android apps. You can interweave Kotlin and Java in the same app, and it brings new features for better safety, readability, and tooling.

Build a Selfie App with Swift 2 Pasan Premaratne

In this course we’re going to build an app that is quite popular these days – a selfie app! We’ll learn how to build and apply filters, how to use Core Data for more than just a single entity and how to use the device’s camera to create a fun app!


James Churchill

James Churchill

Free Workshop: Creating Your First ASP.NET MVC Website James Churchill (45 mins)

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create an ASP.NET MVC website using Visual Studio.

Setting up Webpack for React Guil Hernandez (31 mins)

Learn how to set up a React development environment with Webpack, Babel and npm.

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Swift 3 Basics (September 2016)

In this course, we’re going to learn how to program from absolute scratch using Swift and learn many fundamental concepts that will get you started writing code immediately. No prior programming experience is needed and we’re going to have a lot of fun!

Querying Relational Databases Andrew Chalkley (September 2016)

Building off of previous SQL courses, this course will begin to introduce the student to more complex database concepts. Students will learn to think about data as sets and subsets and practice achieving desired query results via such operations as inner and outer joins, unions and except. They will also be introduced to the concepts of Set Theory and Database Normalization to aid in understanding good query practices.

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