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Faye Bridge
writes on August 1, 2016

Every week, new courses are published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what we’ve added recently, as well as a few highlights from our Content Roadmap.

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User Authentication With Express and Mongo – Dave McFarland and Jonathan Foster

Learn how to implement a custom user authentication system that controls users access to web resources using Node.js using Express and MongoDB. The system lets users sign up, log in, and log out, limiting access to password-protected resources. Express is a popular web framework for creating MVC applications and RESTful APIs in Node.js. Express lets developers define routes and middleware for submitting and retrieving data in our database. We will leverage the document based NoSQL database, MongoDB, to store our user data by creating a user model with mongoose. Mongoose is an open source Node package for defining data models for an application and connecting to MongoDB.

Displaying API Data with Collection Views in Objective-C – Gabe Nadel

In this course, you’ll learn how to display data in Collection Views by creating an app for browsing Instagram photos. In addition, we will learn the basics of the oAuth protocol, how to authenticate and sign into a service, how to download large files like images and much more!

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Understanding Closures in JavaScript Andrew Chalkley and Joel Kraft

In this workshop learn how closures are used to preserve data between function calls.

Unit Testing a Spring Application Chris Ramacciotti

Though extensive knowledge about how to code a fancy Spring MVC application can impress a lot of folks, you’ll need to add unit testing to your app to ensure proper functionality and stability. During this workshop we’ll apply the unit testing knowledge you already have to a provided Spring application, testing our controllers, services, and DAOs. In addition, we’ll make use of mock objects to “fake” the functionality of application components that aren’t being directly tested.

Exploring JavaScript Conditionals – Andrew Chalkley and Joel Kraft

In this workshop, we’ll explore alternatives to if..then statements for controlling program flow. Even if you don’t end up using them, you will see these forms appear in other code bases, and it’s helpful to know how they work.

Debugging an Existing Java Application Craig Dennis

We developers spend more than half our time maintaining code. In this course, you will get armed with some helpful debugging tools and practices that will help you navigate around an inherited project.


Kotlin for Java Developers Ben Deitch  (August 2016)

Kotlin is a newer language that runs in a JVM and can be used to develop Android apps. You can interweave Kotlin and Java in the same app, and it brings new features for better safety, readability, and tooling.

Introducing ES2015 Guil Hernandez  (August 2016)

Learn the basics of the ECMAScript 2015 JavaScript standard. JavaScript has come a long way since it’s inception in 1995. The ECMAScript 2015 specification brought a lot of improvements, the largest set of changes the language has seen to-date. In this course, we’ll review some of the new features and demonstrate how they can be used to build better JavaScript applications.

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