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Every week, the Treehouse team publishes new content for you here on the Treehouse blog. From coding tutorials and tech industry tips to inspiring student stories, we’re here to give you a weekly dose of web design and development resources. Be sure to check back in weekly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with what’s new. Here’s a recap of what we’ve featured recently.

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 10 Beginner Courses to Introduce You to Coding

So you’ve decided you want to learn to code, but where do you start? For every programming language we teach at Treehouse, there are beginner courses in our Library that require no prior coding experience to get started. Whether you already know the programming language you want to learn (or don’t) read on for 10 of the beginner coding courses we recommend for the most popular languages. These courses will introduce you to a language and by the time they’re complete you’ll be confidently coding and ready to take on the next learning challenge. Read more.

From Security Technician to Developer at Prodigy Game: an Interview with Techdegree Student AJ

AJ joined Treehouse with the intention of learning the basics of Python, but it didn’t take long for him to get hooked on the problem-solving side of coding. With his newfound interest, AJ enrolled in the Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree. Today, AJ not only has a career he enjoys as a Full Stack JavaScript and Python Developer at Prodigy Game, he also gets to works at a tech company with a fantastic culture and is surrounded by a team he loves to work with. We asked AJ to share his experience and his advice for other aspiring developers. Read more.

7 Compelling Reasons to Work Remotely

Working remotely – basically working from somewhere other than a traditional office – is becoming increasingly popular with both individuals and companies. There are a lot of perks to working remotely, whether it’s in a largely remote company like Treehouse, as a part-time opportunity from your office job, or as a freelancer. Based on our experience over the last 7 years, here are 7 reasons we recommend you consider working remotely. Read more.

4 Secrets to Becoming a Developer

We all arrive new to coding with expectations. You know it won’t be easy and you’ll have to work hard. You’re prepared to spend a lot of time at your keyboard with the goal of being able to create something awesome. But what are some aspects of learning to code that you might not expect? After years of teaching our students, there are a few “secrets” that we’d like to share. Below are the 4 that we think every aspiring developer should keep in mind when they’re new to coding. Read more.

From Web Development to iOS Developer: Laurie’s Story

In less than a year of learning with Treehouse, Laurie learned to code, switched career paths, started his own freelance business and landed a job as an in-house web developer. Since then, Laurie’s career has continued to evolve, and his journey as a programmer has taken a new direction. Today, Laurie has reached his dream career as a full-time iOS developer. We reconnected with Laurie to hear more about his experience and to share his advice with other aspiring iOS developers. Read more.

Our DevLearn 2017 Reading List

Last month, we attended DevLearn 2017 where we heard some fascinating talks from interesting speakers, met great people (and customers!) and got to hear new perspectives on teaching and learning. If you work in the realm of training, are interested in being a Futurist, or if you just want to start thinking about how best to train people at your company, here’s a reading list we compiled during the event that you should check out! Read more.

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