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New at Treehouse: Swift, Python, and Future of Web Apps

It’s a new week, and that means new courses and more are now available at Treehouse!

Build a Playlist Browser with Swift

Time for a brand new Swift course! In this project, Pasan Premaratne will teach you how to build a fun playlist browser in Swift, and about two crucial aspects of an iOS app: navigation and how to pass information around. Learn how to work with multiple view controllers and how to transition between them using segues and navigation controllers. By the end of this project, you will have a learned the foundational Master-Detail concepts and can start building a lot of your own ideas!

We recommend taking the Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift course first, and don’t forget the companion course taught in Objective-C.

Using Databases in Python

Kenneth Love is back with a new Python course that’s all about databases. When you want to store data from a program, you have two general choices: files or databases. In this course, you’ll explore using a database from within Python by using the excellent ORM Peewee. You’ll build a command line diary application that stores notes in a SQLite database, allows reviewing and deletion, and even has a search feature!

If you’re new to Python, be sure to start out with our Python Basics course.

Future of Web Apps Boston – 2014

For our Treehouse Pro members, we have a brand new conference! Couldn’t make it to Boston for the latest Future of Web Apps? No problem. Explore over 13 hours of talks and panels from industry leaders about including Node.js, JavaScript, WebGL, Ember.js, Grunt, and so much more.

Future of Web Apps Boston is available now for Pro members at Treehouse.

We have new courses at Treehouse every week, so keep an eye on our Roadmap and stay tuned for more!

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