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Josh Long
writes on May 17, 2013

The new Offscreen Magazine has launched and it features none other than our very own Ryan Carson. It’s no secret that Offscreen is one of my favorite magazines for its integrity, in-depth interviews with the internet’s brightest, great photography, amazing layout, and useful features.

Creator Kai Brach has clarity of intent and passionate conviction when building each issue and it shows in the final product.

Hey Look, It’s Ryan!

It was really cool to see Ryan in this issue of Offscreen, and to read about how passionate he is about family, life and the mission of Treehouse.


If you’d like to peek inside the life of the man that is leading the future of tech education (we’re not biased or anything), then grabbing a copy of issue #5 would be the perfect way to do it.

Real Interviews You Can Learn From

One of the elements that I appreciate most about Offscreen is that Kai gets to the heart of what makes our internet heroes tick through well-executed and personal interviews.


Anthony Casalena is the Founder and CEO of Squarespace, which he started from his dorm room in 2003. I learned a lot from his interview this issue and I got to see what it was really like in the beginning of such a great product. During the company’s early years, Anthony acted as the sole engineer, designer and support representative for the entire Squarespace platform, allowing for it to be a stable and profitable business without the need for large teams.

Anthony’s interview is just one of the many great interviews that Offscreen consistently delivers issue after issue.

We’re Giving Away 3 Copies

Here’s the deal dear readers of the Treehouse blog. We want to give 3 copies away to the people that will use its information the most.


In the comments, tell us the story of a project that you hope to complete by the end of this year. (It’s important to note that I am “of age” and I can smell B.S. a mile away.) Don’t worry about selling or being overly-clever, just be yourself and let us know what dream you want to build.

I’ll pick the best stories myself and announce the winners via Twitter on next Thursday, May 23rd. I can’t wait to hear about your great ideas!

Update: Winners Announced!

The winners of the Offscreen Mag giveaway are Sebastian, Ricky E Eckhardt, & Jordan Earle! Congrats!

Send an email to to claim your prize!


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23 Responses to “Giveaway: New Offscreen Mag Featuring Ryan Carson”

  1. Jason Mcreynolds on May 23, 2013 at 12:34 am said:

    I spent 11 years in IT and got burned out as a systems engineer. I had tried to pick up Android development at times, but never had the time to really dive into it. About 6 months ago I decided to quit a very good job and strike out on my own to become an Android developer. I’ve had a lot to learn, but I haven’t had this much fun working in years! I’m almost done with my first “real” app and hope to publish it soon. It has an educational focus and should be a great, flexible learning tool that allows you to share what you create. As part of the app, I plan on setting up a website that allows people to share what they have created and hope to integrate that into the app as well. Soooo much to do! But, I love learning and having so much freedom.

    Offscreen looks like a great way to learn more about others in app and web development and hopefully help spark a little inspiration.

  2. Hi there

    I have been writing my Blog ( ) for more than two years and now I am trying to create paid Blogger templates. The market for Blogger template is small but my goal is to get at least 10 such templates accepted in ThemeForest by the end of 2013

    My other goal is to build a Read it Later type app which allows marking the specific sentence where you left reading so that the next time you open it up , the article starts from exactly where you left reading. Frankly speaking this is a wild idea and I don’t even have the programming knowledge that is needed but I am certain that I will be able to make this app

  3. Hey Josh,

    I am one of the guys behind is a website that helps prospects to increase the chance of getting drafted to Dribbble. The current website has been up for a bit now and we have made plans to iterate.

    There are some flaws in the current version and we already brainstormed about things to improve. is a sideproject of mine, Elliot and Thom. I am a student Communication and Multimedia Design and I freelance in my spare time.

  4. Sheena on May 20, 2013 at 5:57 pm said:

    does updating/re-designing your own portfolio site count? 😉

  5. By the end of the year I want to work with 3 major clients and show them how the new school of problem solving creates the kind of output that there bureaucratic in house teams can only dream of. One is on the way, so there’s a lot of work ahead but there is incredible pleasure on opening minds to new creative workflows and show the effectiveness of a motivated team of passionate people.

  6. Patrick on May 20, 2013 at 11:11 am said:

    The project I want to complete by the end of this year is me.

    In february I was laid off from my job in advertising. It was really hard to stomach at first – the feeling that someone on your team didn’t think you were valuable enough to fight for. It was actually a kick-in-the-butt.

    I counted out the pros & cons, took inventory of my life and tried to figure out what I really wanted to do with myself while being given an opportunity to rest. It definitely wasn’t and isn’t advertising.

    After considering the thigns I really enjoy and what I often spend my spare time doing it was clear that web development (front-end to be specific) was that *thing* I often did in my spare time and on late nights.

    The project I hope to complete by the end of this year is me. Me getting a full-time job in web development. I’m currently doing personal work now to build my chops to make me more employable. Then intend on doing some freelance jobs (the greatest thing about NYC is that there is always a freelance job and talent agency with an available gig). After that, when I have some understanding what happens in the real world of web development I’m going to grab that job. Not the job I think I can get cause my skills are *just good enough* but the one that I want at the shop I want to work at.

    A little long-winded, but that is my project. 🙂

  7. I am working on building my own to do list web application with Ruby on Rails. I am a trying to learn and think this will be the perfect project to get me started. I also am planning on developing my own website with my portfolio and resume.

  8. Sebastian on May 20, 2013 at 9:28 am said:

    I am thinking of building a backend service (using rails and SQL) for an iPhone app that can be used in order to optimise the public transportation system form where I live. Here’s the general idea;

    The user will select a destination and then the app will display what busses you can take and which is the nearest station for those buses, also, based on your speed it will try to determine if you can reach the desired buss number or if you can just slow down and take the next one (the next arrival time will be displayed)

    Also, you will be asked if you have a ticket and if you select now, the bus stations will be filtered based on the ones that have an open counter for tickets at that time.

    That’s it

  9. The popular and very awesome Bootstrap is getting a huge 3.0 update soon which drops support for IE7. Internet Explorer 7 has a tiny marketshare, less than 1% – but still some people need it so I’m working on a compatibility CSS stylesheet which can be added to projects. It’s on github, but in its early stages as Bootstrap 3 is still in beta.

  10. I am working on two projects this year that I hope to start but certainly not finish. The first is Unpunched is meant to be a amalgamation of all computer languages past and present. I want to start small and build up the largest repository of computer languages, their uses and entry level tutorials on each language. Honestly there are a million sites doing web and scripting languages well. Yet very few sites present low level languages in a readable and useable format. Especially when it comes to assembly. My goal is to present other languages in a more intriguing way and give them the attention web languages have received. The site will lean on community users to fill it out.

    Second I am working on a kids coding site. The premise is to teach kids game design through the use of basic, python & pygame and other simple script languages using comics. My son and I have been able to bond and build a strong relationship through building games using Game Salad and other programs. It also allowed me to teach him STEM related concepts in a way he enjoyed. I would honestly like to see more learning sites geared towards kids. I grew up coding in the 80s with only books to teach me and zero support. Now the sky is the limit for children. Helping kids who are interested blossom into the next generation is something we should all aim to do. I would love to see incubators geared specifically to launching kids startups.

  11. Seif Sayed on May 19, 2013 at 4:35 pm said:

    I’m of age 19 I’m building the biggest motorcycle community website available where you can buy/sell/chat/ basically it’s a project that will connect all bikers and I’m planning to create portals so it can work on different country. Hopefully I can finish it

  12. I’m a creative minded 17 year old from Edinburgh, Scotland.
    I recently had the privilege of attending a TEDx event in Edinburgh. 
    The talks here inspired me hugely, and as a result have pushed me to begin developing “Ignited Minds” – a project which aims to promote the idea of entrepreneurship to my generation, whilst providing a clear roadmap in the form of a web platform which serves users relevant resources, funding, and mentoring. I want to help young people turn ideas into a reality. 

  13. I am working on a project to design a new interface for our gift card admin. The back end developer I’ve been working with and I are trying to use advanced techniques, such as drawing graphs with the html5 canvas from tables populated with dynamic data. Its also saving preferences from our users on what information they would like to see each time they log in.And of course, one of the most important aspects, it is a completely responsive admin system as our users will be accessing via ipads. Because of this, I decided that we should be using the priority tables method to handle the tables we have to have in the admin system . This will allow our users even more customization on what data they want to see. We still have a ways to go with it but I can’t wait to finish it!

  14. mcmattgr on May 19, 2013 at 11:27 am said:

    I discovered a coLearning company in the downtown area where I live. Along with a great shared office space where freelancers can work and share ideas, Aspiring developers can learn new technologies in web design through their 6 week bootcamps. I’ve taken a class on Ruby as well as a front-end course. My project is to bring in more people and use Treehouse to bring them up to speed for the higher-end classes. There are also people there that will find an internship for you once you’re confident. I feel this will build my name in my community as a web professional.

  15. Fardeem Munir on May 19, 2013 at 10:57 am said:

    By the end of this year I am planning to write more about web technologies. The difference will be that I will write from a 14 years old perspective since I find it troublesome to understand some of the articles dealing with complex stuff. Also I have an idea for a file sharing app that I want to build(#execute!!!) in my summer vacation.

  16. Melissa Montanez on May 19, 2013 at 10:40 am said:

    I am currently attending the Academy of Art University and working toward an MFA in Web Design and New Media. This year I have been working on my Thesis project for graduation in the fall. I am very “green” and can use all the help I can get, one of the reasons I love Team Tree House. I soak up all of the e-newsletters and web tutorials I can but because of minimal funds can not afford the luxury of magazines, costly seminars and other tutorial sites. Would love to have a subscription to Offscreen. Thanks

  17. My project this might sounds funny … but is to establish myself as Freelancer by the end of this year.

    I had started ranking my site. Most recently I changed my site structure targeting more page views and is working good.

    I want to improve my designs skills and most of my time i get inspired by awesome magazines, and magazines design for sure are tricky to design. So getting a hand on these magazine will definitely help me achieve a part of my project.

  18. My project isn’t particularly revolutionary, but there’s a new roller derby team starting up in my city and they could really use some help with their web presence. Right now they don’t have a website (sad panda), so I’d like to put one together for them – partly because I need the practice and also because the roller derby league around here does a lot of work with local charities and such and I’d like to help them out.

    This is a big deal for me since it’ll be my first *real* project (you know, beyond working on Treehouse stuff or messing with my own blog), so I’m nervous, but I think this’ll be a good opportunity to throw myself headfirst into something that actually matters and also force me to stretch past my comfort zone.

  19. We currently have a project called Pass It On (!/pass-it-on/) which is essentially a set of cards with nice messages on them which are passed on to strangers.

    As of now it’s a very simple set up with people just ordering the cards and us packaging and sending them off. We want to try add a new layer to the cards which will allow people to add their details and the card number to a website and we can start tracking the cards as they move around.

    Client work gets in the way but we’re hoping to have it all ready before next year.

  20. Josh, I believe in execution. I have three projects that have to be done before the summer closes.

    1) My girlfriend is going to launch a specialized stock photography site, and I’ll be building it, and learning new things as I do it. This solves two problems: nurturing her love for photography and art, and helping her achieve passive income, so she can leave her current job and have more flexibility.

    2) I’ll getting married to the girlfriend mentioned above in September, I’ll be building a site for guests to RSVP, where details can be posted, and where we can show photos and video of the ceremony for posterity.

    3) A friend of ours has had a rough time, being let go from her job from medical complications, but she’s probably the smartest person I know in my daily life. Her self-confidence has really been shaken; this is the first time she hasn’t been able to smash through obstacles before. I’m building her a resume/CV site to help highlight what a sharp business mind she has and what she could bring to any company.

    These aren’t as glamorous as building a new app or launching a startup, but they solve some very real problems in an efficient way. I’ve read Offscreen once before, and I found it insightful. I’m probably one of the last designers/ developers who still prefers reading printed books.


  21. I’m Jordan Earle and I am an aspiring designer. I’ve been interested in design and computers in general since a very young age. I grew up in Northern Ireland and we have a difficult past – and in some parts still a very difficult present, it is to say that West Belfast has got the 2nd highest rate of Child Poverty in the United Kingdom. I come from South Belfast and we get it a lot better off, but recently I joined the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland as I was disgusted by the sectarianism on display in this country, we ‘pride’ ourselves on our flag and our marches but this is all wrong. So I joined the Alliance party and from there I found a use for my skill for design. I was invited to intend a youth conference called #Inspire East Belfast and while there I heard a boy about 12/13 stand up in front of this large crowd – I very much doubt this child had attended a conference like this before, or had ever had the opportunity to express his thoughts so I was naturally very interested in what he had to say – He pointed out that no matter where he looked he could not find one central place to locate information about what resources are available to him, as he announced his idea he looked slightly embarrassed – as if expecting people to laugh, but instead the room suddenly became full of the other kids there agreeing. This was it, the project idea I’d been waiting for now I just needed a way to pull it off, there is no way I could do this on my own. Chris Lyttle who is the MLA for East Belfast with the Alliance Party, and Sian O’Neil a youth worker were both there, so I met with them and we discussed building this – they loved the idea I proposed, an app where young people could easily see what resources are available to them. I’m passionate about great products and love to find inspiration in the most unique places, I’m certain Offscreen Magazine would contain plenty of information which I could take in and use to continue doing great work. I’m really hoping to get my app finished by the end of this year, it’s been too long that the young people of East Belfast have been forgotten about. I’m going to change that.


    • Currently, I’m taking courses (front-end web dev) at General Assembly, and using Team Treehouse tutorial videos, to complete the first stage of a project I call Playlist Predictor. If you’re attending a music festival, you select the bands you plan on seeing and it will generate a playlist for you instantly. I’ll be attending Back-end development courses and taking the Ruby on Rails learning adventure here so I can build out a fully functioning database to easily categorize and organize the info plus expand to single-artist tours.

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