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writes on February 2, 2015

Here’s a look at the newest courses now available at Treehouse!

CSS Selectors

In this course taught by our resident CSS expert, Guil Hernandez, you’ll go beyond the basic selector concepts covered in CSS Basics. Besides the common ways to select elements with type, ID and class selectors, you’ll learn to target elements based on their attributes, position in the HTML document, even their relation to other elements.

By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a better understanding of the power and flexibility behind CSS selectors, and you’ll have a new set of valuable tools in your CSS toolkit to use on your next project.

We recommend you take Guil’s CSS Basics course before starting this one.

PHP & Databases with PDO

PHP guru Hampton Paulk is back with a brand new course all about PDO. Whether you have aspirations of working on a Content Management System, an e-commerce site, a new and exciting web app, or an API, you will need eventually need to work with a database. PHP and databases work together through the use of PHP Data Objects or PDO for short, and you’ll learn all about them in this new course.

Hampton recommends taking the PHP Basics, Database Foundations, Object-Oriented PHP Basics, and PHP Functions courses first.

Ruby Blocks

Jason Seifer returns in the new Ruby Blocks course. Blocks are a piece of syntax that you can use in Ruby to accomplish all kinds of amazing programming feats. Ruby programmers make constant use of blocks, so they are an important piece of the language to learn.

This is a beginner level course, and it will help to have taken Jason’s Ruby Booleans course before starting on Ruby Blocks.

Workshop: Harnessing the Power of Vim

And finally, we have a new Workshop available for all students! Have you heard people rave over the Vim text editor but thought that it’s just too scary to use? Maybe you know a bit about Vim, but you feel slow when using it? In this Workshop, Treehouse teacher Kenneth Love will show you how to use Vim more efficiently and quickly. No plugins, no customization, just pure Vim knowledge.

It will help to have a recent version of Vim installed on your computer (Vim, MacVim, and gVim will all work).

We have new courses at Treehouse every week, so keep an eye on our Roadmap and stay tuned for more!


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  1. thanks to share this valuable information

  2. Really good tutorial to learn fundamentals of CSS and PHP

  3. I would highly recommend using treehouse! I have used their platform to fine tune my own skills as well as offer it to my employees as incentive to further their skillset.

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