New Courses:

WordPress Customizer API

This course covers how to integrate your theme or plugin with the WordPress customizer. We will go over how the customizer works, what native controls WordPress offer and how to setup your own custom settings to go into the Customizer.

This course has no pre-requisites. Yey!

PHP Testing

You’ve been writing PHP code for a while, but every time you push your code into production, there’s another bug! You have heard that there are tools you can use to test your code. Unit tests. Test-Driven Development. Mocks. All you want to know is: Can you figure these things out in time to help you stop working all these late hours? This course will give you an understanding of how to use the most common PHP testing tools to create tests that will give you confidence that your code is working as expected.

This course has pre-requisites of Framework Basics, Object-Oriented PHP and PHP Basics

Ruby Booleans

In Ruby Booleans, we’re going to learn the ins and outs of working with boolean values in Ruby. We’ll learn about using booleans like true and false in our programs, as well as precedence, nil, conditional assignment, and more.

This course has a pre-requisite of Ruby Loops.

Object-Oriented Swift

Swift enables you to create custom data types using Structs and Classes. We’ve previously covered the power of Structs; in this course you will learn about Classes which give you ability to inherit or subclass. You will also learn the basics of object-oriented programming while learning how to model the data layer of a potential app.

This course has a pre-requisite of Swift Enums and Structs.

Build a Simple iPhone App With Objective-C

Building the Fun Facts app will teach you how to use the Objective-C language and the Xcode and Interface Builder tools. You will also learn about core concepts such as views and view controllers, creating a data model, and the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Towards the end you will have finished creating a fun app that will get you oriented with the world of iOS development.

This course has a pre-requisite of Objective-C Basics.

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