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writes on November 12, 2014

New Courses:

Swift Enums and Structs

When creating apps you will find that Arrays and Dictionaries are useful but they can only get you so far. You will soon find that you need custom structured data types. Enums and Structs help you create your own custom data types to store and pass around data within your app. Each has its own purpose and in this course we will learn how they work and why they are important. This course has pre-requisites of Swift Basics and Swift Functions and Optionals.

Treehouse Club – MASH

Predict your future with a fun game that will integrate your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll begin by going over the basics of Workspaces and HTML. Then you’ll learn how to begin making forms with submit buttons. Next you’ll make it look good with CSS and lastly you’ll learn how JavaScript makes it all work together. The code works from the start so it’s up to you to mash it up and make it your own! Aimed at ages 9-14.


In this course, we’ll start by looking at some sites built with Ember.js and learning the principles that underly the framework. Next, we’ll examine each major area of Ember.js one at a time: templates, controllers, and models. Finally, we’ll connect our Ember.js app to a backend web server, and explore some of the more advanced tools Ember offers. As we go, we’ll build a blogging application together.

Dates and Times in Python

Dates and times are something every programmer eventually has to deal with. Python’s implementation is fairly simple and simplifies these often tricky subjects. This course has pre-requisites of Python Basics, Python Collections, Object-Oriented Python, and Setting Up a Local Python Environment.

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