Treehouse NewsNew Course Roundup: Swift, WordPress

Mary McPherson
writes on January 11, 2016

Every week, new content is published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what was added the week of January 4, 2016.


WordPress Admin Settings Zac Gordon
This course covers all of the settings that appear in the “Settings” section of the WordPress admin area. You can expect to learn about general settings, reading and writing settings, permalinks, media settings as well as best practices for setting up WordPress. By the end of the course you should feel comfortable setting up a WordPress site or configuring settings for an existing WordPress site.

Error Handling in Swift 2.0 Pasan Premaratne

An undeniable fact of software development is that bugs will crop in your code and lead to undesirable outcomes. Error handling is the process of anticipating a certain class of bugs and writing code to handle them. In this course, we take a look at the built-in language constructs in Swift 2.0 to handle errors including modeling our own errors, throwing errors from functions and more. We also look at how Objective-C handles errors and what this means to us as Swift developers.

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