Treehouse NewsNew Course Roundup: Genesis, iOS, Rails and Digital Literacy

Mary McPherson
writes on July 20, 2015

Every week, new content is published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what was added the week of July 13, 2015.


Genesis Theme Development – Jesse Petersen
Genesis child themes are the way we make Genesis (and WordPress) look and behave how we and clients want. They follow many of the steps of a traditional theme, but since it is a child to a framework, there are additional functions and conventions to account for and leverage. In this course, you will learn how to create a Genesis child theme by converting a stand-alone theme into a Genesis child theme.

How the Internet Works – Joy Kesten
Knowing how the technology you use every day works will make you a more thoughtful and powerful user of technology. In this course, we’ll explore how the Internet works, by investigating hardware like routers, switches, and servers and the TCP/IP protocols that define how information moves from computer to computer.


iOS Improving Interaction with Animation Gabe Nadel
Improve your user experience through simple animation. Explore the fundamentals of iOS UIView animation as well as the building blocks of Core Animation – unlocking loads of versatility using very little code.

Creating Static Pages in Rails Jason Seifer
In this Workshop, we’ll learn how to create static pages in our Ruby on Rails applications.

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