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New Course Roundup: Android

Every week, new content is published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what was added the week of June 6, 2016.

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Testing in Android Ben Deitch

Learn how to use common testing tools available for Android development. In this course, you’ll cover unit testing, how to use Robolectric and how to harness the power of Espresso.

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Using the Camera in Android (35 minutes) Ben Jakuben

Learn how to access the camera in Android to capture and store photos and videos for an app

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Object-Oriented Programming in Unity Nick Pettit

In Unity, you can approach the architecture of your projects in many different ways. Sometimes game objects belong in the same family of code together, and sometimes they share characteristics but are otherwise unrelated. In this course, we’ll take an existing project and add new functionality using object oriented programming. We’ll learn how to create new types of GameObjects, including destructible props, using clean and reusable code.

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