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New course for Techdegree: Day in the Life of a UX Designer

What is UX Design

We’re excited to announce Day in the Life of a UX Designer, a new video instruction from Hope Armstrong!

This 25-minute session for our UX Design Techdegree goes into detail with two UX Designers, Micah Carroll and Alex Guevara, about what their typical workday looks like.

This video instruction was created especially for UX Design Techdegree students—you’ll need a Techdegree subscription in order to access it.

In the instruction, Hope facilitates a conversation with both designers about what each of their typical workdays are like, respectively.

About Alex:

I’m a user experience designer who is passionate about creating meaningful products and experiences that empower people and communities. My goal is to explore how strategy, visual design and branding can be infused with UX in order to create a powerful product for the end-user.

About Micah:

I work as a Product Designer during the day and during the evening often doing graphic design works around mindfulness and wellness.

The video instruction goes into detail about each of these designers’ tools, inspiration, typical schedule by hour, and more.

We think this instruction will serve our UX Design students on a very practical level, and we’re excited about it! Check out our UX Design Techdegree if you’d like to learn more about this structured bootcamp-level program.

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