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writes on October 21, 2020

We’re excited to announce Ethical Design, a new course in 21st Century Skills from Hope Armstrong and Michelle Zohlman!

This 173-minute course encompasses ethical design essentials, confronting dirty data, big picture impacts, and how to apply ethical design practically. In short, things anyone who works in tech should be educated on.

screenshot of the Ethical Design course

Tech companies are designing revolutionary products at a higher volume and faster pace than ever before.

But just because a product is profitable or efficient doesn’t mean it’s ethical.

With all the power that technology yields, it comes with tremendous responsibility. This course will consider the moral implication of developers’ and UX designers’ work on others.

This course hones in on tech at the intersection of development, design, and business—which is often where UX and development work lives.

Ready to explore the human-centered values of ethical design, and learn how to advocate for them in your organization, regardless of your role? This course is for you!

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  1. Nice. We need fewer dark patterns in digital design. Well, all design!
    Tough conversations with clients in some cases though

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