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New Course Roundup: Swift, MailChimp, Ruby, Slim, Java, Requests Library

Every week, new content is published to the growing Treehouse Library! Here is a short list of what was added the week of May 25, 2015.


MailChimp API – Nate Ranson
In this course, you will learn how APIs work and how to customize them using the popular MailChimp API.

Build a Weather App with Swift – Pasan Premarante
In this project, we’re going to build a weather app together and broaden our understanding of Swift and Cocoa Touch frameworks. We will start by learning foundational concepts like networking and concurrency while building on our existing knowledge of data modeling, Auto Layout and more. We’ll even take a look at how we can structure our code better and construct decoupled classes and structs that lead to greater code reuse. By the end of this project you will have built your second iOS app and be well on your way to becoming an iOS developer.

Swift ClosuresPasan Premarante
One of the more powerful features in Swift are closures. Similar to blocks in Objective-C, closures allow you to encapsulate functionality and pass it around in your code. In this course, we’re going to take a look at the underlying principles behind closures, the different ways we can write closures and how closures are used in iOS development.


Ruby on Rails Scaffolding Jason Seifer
Scaffolding in a rails application sets up resources for you to work with in your application. This is a really fancy way of saying that it creates a model, controller, migration, etmplates, and assorted files. Scaffolding is a great start to the app but is meant to be replaced over time. In this workshop, you’ll learn in depth how it works.

Flash Messages Using Slim – Hampton Paulk
Using Slim Framework @hamptonpaulk will walk you through step by step how to make use of flash messages. We will integrate the Sessions middleware inside of slim to store our messages inside of the $_SESSION super global as a cookie. Then we will show you how to use the Twig templating language for conditionals, loops, and partials.

Regular Expressions in Java Craig Dennis
Regular Expressions are common in just about every programming language, and developers have leaned on their power for many solutions. We use them for searching, replacing and validating that text meets certain formats.

Using the Requests Library Kenneth Love
The requests library is one of the most popular Python libraries, period. It’s amazingly friendly and useful and makes working with RESTful APIs on the Internet a breeze. In this workshop, we’ll look at how to use the library to make GET, POST, and other requests, how to process JSON data, and how to handle HTTP Basic and Digest auths.


Generate NYC
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