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Ryan Carson
writes on June 19, 2008

Keir recently came up with a really fun web app idea … so the whole team is taking a week off to build it. It’s going to be called ‘Matt’ and it’ll be built in Django on a popular API, include a desktop AIR app, and will be hosted on an elastic computing cloud (probably Flexiscale, but yet to be determined).

Matt Mullenweg

Those of you who have been following us for awhile will remember that we did something similar recently called Idea Week where we built HugMyMac.com. It was a blast and we’ve decided to do something similar again.

We’ve never built anything in Django, AIR or used elastic computing, so it’ll be fun to learn. It’ll also be a difficult but fun challenge for Mike to come up with a complete visual identity, site, web app interface and desktop interface – all in four days. Yikes.

We’ll be starting on June 30th, so I hope you’ll tune in for the adventure. If anyone is stopping by Bath, come on over to Carsonified HQ to say hello.

P.S. Thanks for the photo Scott
P.P.S. Any affiliation with Matt Mullenweg, WordPress extraordinaire, is entirely coincidental πŸ™‚


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0 Responses to “Meet Matt, our new web app”

  1. Will check this out whilst I’m on holiday, sounds great….. wish we did stuff they like this at our work ;-/

  2. Will really love to see this new django app. Django is such an amazing web dev framework, and its facebook api is so fine (I suspect this new carsonified app will go on facebook), that I’m sure the final product will be really great.

    BTW, I have some years of experience on django development, if you need some help don’t hesitate to ask πŸ˜‰

  3. Hopefully the next one we make will be K.I.T.T.

  4. Cool to see another site developed in django.

  5. @cjagers It’s a very simple app so we’ll be able to do it right, don’t worry.

  6. I’m all for fast messy iteration … but why the time constraint. Why not do it “right?”

  7. @Ian S – Thanks for the kind words. We thought it’d be fun to set ourselves a real challenge and see what we learn. It’ll be fun.

  8. There’s a worrying new trend here. First we get a TV channel called Dave. Then a yoghurt called Paula. Now a web app called Matt! When will the madness end?

  9. It’s impressive the way you do this, constantly putting yourself and the company up there in the firing line, Ryan. The upside is that the business gets great exposure, but if your efforts go wrong, or are less than impressive (you know how critical “we” can be), it could really backfire. For what one person’s opinion is worth, I really admire your approach, and clearly you have many more hits than you have misses. What’s really inspiring is that you have an idea and see it through to completion – you “execute”. To me it’s fun, fresh, innovative, and exciting, and why your newsfeed remains in my list. A big “thank you” to you and the team.

  10. Ryan – great news about the app – look forward to seeing it.

    I’ve seen from recent tweets that a number of the team (the most established members to my knowledge) have left the company. How is that affecting the balance and has it made you review the company?

  11. Maybe, M.A.T.T? Kinda like D.A.R.Y.L, but without the Michael McKean…

  12. @Matt – thanks for stopping by. I’d be happy to give a litte preview. Hope you’re well – thanks again for the WordPress shirt for Jackson πŸ™‚

  13. Cool, well I might take you up on the offer πŸ™‚

  14. Can I get a sneak preview? πŸ™‚

  15. @Michael G. – You bet! Come on by, we’ve got coffee on tap πŸ™‚

  16. Michael Grinstead on June 19, 2008 at 5:48 pm said:

    I’m just envious of anyone who’s a carsonite. Look forward to reading more about it.

    As for the invitation to stop by, I’m about an hour & half drive away, it would be worth the trip (coffee included?) πŸ˜‰

  17. I’m thinking that we’re looking at a comms app. Connecting people called Matt from all over the globe.
    Either that or some sort of cover for your Windows laptops made from used door mat(t)s. Mmm…

  18. Me And The Team

    Storming collaboration tool, that’s my guess.

    Looking forward to following along πŸ™‚

  19. This sounded like an excellent idea, can’t wait to give it a go. Good luck chaps.

  20. I’m betting on a Facebook app.

    I haven’t a clue what it will do, but it will be foxy.

  21. More Apps To Twitter?

  22. Thanks guys – look forward to sharing how things work out.

  23. ryan and the team – I look forward to following you guys on this project.

    django is an amazing web framework, so you’ll have fun with that one.

  24. Mullenweg is officialy creeped out :D.

    Have fun, it sounds interesting.

    Also, you should blog about your experience using django (vs whatever you usually use).

  25. Hm, M.A.T.T.

    Mac Air Twitter Tracker ?

    Midford Ashwicke Tadwick Twerton ?

    Gotta give this one more thought, but I’m looking forward to hearing about the progress and seeing the result.

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