LearnMatt Week – Logo ideas and deciding who does what

Ryan Carson
writes on June 30, 2008

Matt week has officially begun at Carsonified HQ and it’s pretty insane around here already. We broke down the different jobs like this:

* Development: Keir and Elliott
* Design: Mike
* Blogging/photos/video: Ryan and Jo
* Copywriting: Louise
* Getting the word out: Tasha, Will and Dominic

Once we decided on the various roles and who was doing what, Keir gave a quick over of the app to make sure everyone understood the various details. Then, we did a quick brainstorm of the homepage content and how it might be layed out.

Here are a few logo ideas Mike has been messing around with …

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  1. One thing that I have thought of is that whilst the cute images are nice (and they are) they don’t match up to the name of ‘The Mattinator’. They just don’t gel together.

    I also think the votes are out to amputate two of those lil’ bad boys arms. I’ll start up the chain saw, you strap him down!

  2. The spaceman is cute, sure, with two arms, but doesn’t really mean much. Doesn’t give me any idea about what Matt is.

    What I like is the text MATT in the speech bubbles. When I see that I think of a group of people talking about something.

  3. You should do the whole cute tiny planets, big moon, rockets and stars style for it and go with the wee lil’ space man (with 2 arms).

    I’ll do a sketch to better show what I mean if I get the time.

  4. I like the space man too, but with 2 arms only 🙂

  5. Loving the space man on the top right of the second page best of all. Although bit unsure about the second set of arms.

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