LearnMatt Week – day 3 time-lapse

writes on July 8, 2008

Sorry it’s late! Once again, here’s Wednesday of Matt Week at super-high speed. Now there’s only Day Four to come – and a special Matt Week Summary Video. Stay tuned!

Carsonified Matt Week – Day 3 from Elliott Kember on Vimeo.

0 Responses to “Matt Week – day 3 time-lapse”

  1. The music makes me want to go play with my sister’s barbie rather than develop, poor choice!

  2. I see you’re using Django 😉

  3. JimmyB on July 11, 2008 at 8:01 am said:

    Elliot you do weird things with your mouth! Mike is such a great designer, Carsonified is lucky to have him!

  4. Thanks for your reply, Mark – I’ve fixed the page. Go WordPress!

  5. This page is broken:

    If I used Twitter, I’m sure I’d use MATT!

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