LearnMatt Week – A chat with the developers and Day One recap


Ryan Carson
writes on June 30, 2008

Wow, Day One is over and it was really exciting (and pretty hectic). Here are some interesting points:

* Mike has only come up with one logo idea, as we don’t have time to discuss several different ideas
* Keir and Elliott are using a Python class in Django that makes working with the Twitter API much easier
* We’re having to deal for the unreliability of the Twitter API by creating Cron Jobs that do some of the heavy lifting later. This way the app won’t hang on the user while it waits for Twitter to respond.
* We’re attempting to get some blog coverage by offering embargoed content which can be released right at launch.
* Mike is creating flat HTML pages and then Keir and Elliott are going to integrate them in Python templates
* We’re going to put a video on the home page to help explain what Matt does

So, on to some more videos we shot today.

In this first video, I have a conversation about the technical happenings on the Matt build (after we blab about some meaningless stuff – be patient my young grasshopper).

Matt Week – A chat with Elliott and Keir from Carsonified on Vimeo.

In the second video, the Carsonified Team gather on the bean bags to recap where we finished after Day One.

Matt Week – Day One Recap from Carsonified on Vimeo.


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0 Responses to “Matt Week – A chat with the developers and Day One recap”

  1. @Ryan If we do have a “beard off” you have to get a picture of yourself with a can of 1664 and a drugged out look too.

  2. Classic – I notice in the Day One recap Mr Kus has found his way into centre-frame. Did he keep asking to change seats?

    On another note, are you thinking of integrating FireEagle into this at some point? All looks very interesting – great project…..

  3. @Michael – We’ve decided on TheMattinator.com (I think :D)

  4. Interesting process you’re going through.
    I’m interested in where you are going to host Matt.
    For me, looking at php vs any other server tech, the hosting cost is always of interest.

  5. Have you decided on a domain? I’m thinking you may have mentioned this.

  6. Hell yea Carsonified beard off, love it – seen something like it before called Novembeard, sure you guys can grow better ‘chin beasts’ though!

  7. Great videos guys! Looking forward to seeing it. Elliott’s cute!

  8. @Rob – A Beard-off is brilliant! Hadn’t heard of that yet.

  9. Sounds like a fun day! I spotted a twitter account last week which had tweets saying things like “posting from MATT alpha” which were posted a couple of weeks ago. I hope you guys are not cheating :p

    We built a web app in a week for fun this time last year, was great to spend a week on something new and self contained. Hopefully we will do it again this year once we get some other projects out the way!

  10. Hmm… A Breard-off!? Have you guys been listening to Radio 1 today?

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