LearnLou, Dom, Mike and Elliott – You rock


Ryan Carson
writes on July 17, 2008

At Carsonified we hire smart creative people. With that said, I’d like to say a big welcome to Louise, Mike, Dominic and Elliott – the newest members of the Family.

Photo of the Carsonified Team sitting in front of the blackboard

Lou is in charge of Future of Web Design. She has already been doing an amazing job preparing for the launch of FOWD NYC. Her wealth of experience from her time in TV production has been wonderful plus she’s super friendly and creative (bonus!)

Mr. Mike Kus is our new designer and with such beauties as FOWA London 2008, Matt, FOWD NYC (still under lock and key) and the new Office design under his belt, he’s already proving to be one of the most talented designers in the UK.

Dominic is leading the charge on Fuel, Workshops and Future of Mobile. He’s already proven to be an invaluable part of the team with his A/V skills at Fuel and the amazing program he’s putting together for FOM London in November. He’s got a tremendous appetite for researching new fields and a ton of creative ideas.

We’re honored to have one of the world’s most talented upcoming developers on the Team. As Carsonified’s lead developer, you’re going to see more awesomeness from Elliott. Trust me.

Welcome guys!

The Carsonified Team posing in front of the blackboard


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0 Responses to “Lou, Dom, Mike and Elliott – You rock”

  1. I’m just wondering Ryan, you keep on hiring new people in bulks, exploding the team from initial 3 people (you and your wife and Lisa Price) to 10+ people.

    When you were building the Amigo app you said you couldn’t afford a full-time developer, now you have w few of them… yet you still have the same web apps and run the same conferences (or maybe a few more) as back then.

    I’d be curious if you could share your income streams (no precise numbers necessary) so that we could have a vague idea how you actually make money.

    Is the Dropsend business booming? Is Amigo making profit? Are the “Future of…” conferences great cash-cows? Or maybe the workshops are bringing lots of cash? And what about the cash-flow if the conferences and workshops happen only periodically.

    As I remember you were always financially very stable with your famous cash-flow excel sheet, so it’d be really helpful for us as to how you manage your income streams and when you decide it’s safe for you to hire one more person to the team.

    Again, it’s not like I want to count your money or know your exact finances, just the vague idea and the pattern (model) behind your business would be great to know… as I’m sure you’re hiring new people because you can really afford them 🙂

    Anyway, good luck with your new hires!

  2. Congrats guys, look forward to seeing how your work progresses over time, especially look forward to more developer blog posts from Elliott 🙂

  3. @Adrian – link fixed! Thanks for letting us know.

  4. It was good to see all of you – and especially to meet the new guys at FUEL last month. Great to have some fresh blood – a sign of exciting things to come, I’m sure.

  5. You might wanna fix that fuel conference link.

    Otherwise, congratulations.

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