LearnLifelong Learners, It’s Back to School Time

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Faye Bridge
writes on September 5, 2016

Summer is officially coming to an end. It’s back to school time. You might be thinking, I’m not a full-time student, so back to school is irrelevant to me. But if you’re a developer, you’re a lifelong learner. And if you’re a lifelong learner, back to school is a reminder and an opportunity. We all have the chance to hit the virtual reset button on our goals over the course of a year: first at the start of the year, then when we reach halfway, and finally now.   

Over the past few months, you may have ventured on holiday with family, embraced the outdoors, indulged in the longer days and enjoyed the warm evenings, and spent more time catching up with friends. But while you’ve been busy with summer extracurriculars, other activities may have taken a backseat. Intentions to learn a new programming language or expand your skills have been postponed. Suddenly the months have passed and learning goals haven’t been met, but that’s okay.

The brain is like a muscle and – like any muscle – overuse is counterproductive. Regardless of age and experience, we all need a break from work and education if we want to be productive. That’s one of the reasons why schools break up the academic year with holidays. To excel with learning, you need to be able to recharge.

Now that the whirlwind of summer is coming to an end, the back to school reminder is the ideal opportunity for us lifelong learners to realign and commit to new learning goals. Make the most of a refreshed mind. Re-engage with your drive to learn. Take on new challenges.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas:

Once you’ve set your new learning goals, here are a few additional resources to keep you on track:

  • These tools will keep you organized and productive.
  • Effective time management is key. These tips will help you take control of your day.
  • Finding time to learn a new skill can be challenging, especially with the demands of work and life. Here are some helpful ways to balance work and study life.

Welcome back to school, lifelong learners! So what are you going to learn?

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  1. Great post!!! I was literally thinking the other day that i put off learning full stack Javascript for summer fun. Now work is crazier than ever, the kids keep me busy with football, soccer, etc, but I need to get back on it!!!

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