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Learning about new business models

We’re launching two new events, in addition to The Future of Web Apps:

  1. Future of Web Design (FOWD)
  2. Future of … (can’t tell you yet!)

The Future of Web Design is in London and our other event is going to be in New York City. Gill and I are in NYC right now, pounding the pavement and viewing venues. What’s been most fascinating to me is learning about the business models of venues and hotels.

I love figuring out how other companies make their profits, cut costs and make business decisions. I think there’s always opportunity to gain from other’s wisdom and experience.

Here are a couple interesting things about the hotel/venue industry:

So the most valuable lesson I’ve learned? If you have something (product, service, etc) that’s going unused, find a way to use it to encourage potential clients to do business with you. Make that resource work for you, instead of wasting it.

After viewing the Waldorf=Astoria, their Head of Sales kindly treated us to Champagne Afternoon Tea. It was amazing! I know it was a tactic to help win our business, but it was still wonderful (and ironically, will probably make it more likely that we’ll go with them).

If you ever get the chance to talk shop with people from a business that’s totally different than yours, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a great chance to pick up tips for improving your own business.

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