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What We Learned at Treehouse This Week: CSS, Objective-C, Starting a Business and More

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“I’d fallen seriously behind,” B.J. Baye says.

The Treehouse student had taken a web design course in college as part of an interactive multimedia program. But aside from a WordPress blog, he last built a website in 2001 — a “Dark Age of Camelot” fan site. Then he stopped.

More than a decade later, Baye, a 35-year-old author and publisher in Orillia, Ontario, figured the time to sharpen his skills had arrived. He signed up for Treehouse and “kind of lazily worked [his] way” through the first project but didn’t get too far.

Fast-forward to last week. Baye dove into Treehouse’s web design track, started learning CSS and found the experience more educational and enjoyable than before.


“What I enjoyed the most, however, was learning about responsive web design,” he says. “It’s not something I’d ever really considered, and it’s amazing how some very simple changes can make sites work well on any size screen. Until now, I’d always thought of ‘mobile versions’ being completely separate designs from the desktop versions.”

The Treehouse courses changed how he thinks about design.

“I’m very much looking forward to what else I might learn as I continue deeper into the Track,” Baye says.

He is one of dozens of Treehouse students who shared with us — via Facebook, Twitter and our blog — what they learned at Treehouse this week. Here are some lightly edited and excerpted submissions:

Learning what we prod at but never really grasp

“I’ve been ‘making websites’ for at least a decade, but never had any formal training. Having recently decided to monetise my technical ability in other ways outside my job as an Oracle consultant, I decided to sign up for Treehouse, and start from the beginning,” Chris Godfrey says.

“So much of what I thought I knew was lacking in context and detail! I have found Nick’s videos to be very well made and clear. But to answer the question, probably the biggest thing for me this week was learning about CSS layouts, the difference between margin, padding, how floats work, all stuff that I’d prodded at before but never really grasped. Really enjoying the course so far and looking forward to seeing where it takes me next.”

What we learned at Treehouse this week, via Twitter:


On Facebook, we asked you to fill in the blank: “I learned ___________ with Treehouse this week.” And you told us:

Android and it was awesome — Tasfaout Yassine

JQUERY methods that will help me add form fields and comments to my website — Tom Schinler

Basics of HTML and CSS — Zach Taylor

PHP and MySQL — Rogelio Delgado

I learned Objective-c Basics with Treehouse this week. — Hassan Boulhilt

WordPress Development and CSS Layout Techniques — Alexandra Moss

Web typography and CSS gradients — Chester Rageagainstsociety Burnett

I am learning how to design a mobile website using the new how to design a website lessons. — Ismail Qaznili

Just completed the CSS Animation track, been putting that off for a while because I wasn’t planning on using animations. Now back to Sass… lets see if I can get it working this time around. — Peter O’Brien

How to start my freelancing business. Next is responsive web design and other things that’ll take me to the next level. — Stefani Lefler

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