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New Courses: Learn Swift

We have launched four new courses that will help you learn Swift, the exciting new iOS language.

Swift Basics by Amit Bijlani

Swift is a new programming language created by Apple to program iOS apps. If you are new to programming or to Swift then this course is for you. Learn about programming concepts like: variables, types, collections and control structures. Towards the end of the course we will learn to program a FizzBuzz generator applying everything we have learned in the course.

Swift Functions and Optionals by Amit Bijlani

Functions and optionals are used widely in Swift. In this course we will look into the basics of what is a function and why you should use it. We then dive deeper and look at function parameters, return types and tuples. Finally, you will learn one of the most fundamental concepts in Swift known as Optionals.

Build a Simple iPhone App with Swift by Pasan Premaratne

Building the Fun Facts app will teach you how to use the Swift language and the Xcode and Interface Builder tools. You will build an app that generates random interesting facts every time you press a button. You will learn about core concepts such as views and view controllers, creating a data model, and the Model-View-Controller design pattern. Towards the end you will have finished creating a fun app that will get you oriented with the world of iOS development.

Build a Weather App with Swift by Pasan Premaratne

In this project, we’re going to build a weather app together and broaden our understanding of Swift and Cocoa Touch frameworks. We will also learn foundational concepts like concurrency and networking while building on our existing knowledge of data modeling, Auto Layout and more. By the end of this project you will have built your second iOS app and be well on your way to becoming an iOS developer.

Check out our new courses and learn Swift today.

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