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Guil Hernandez
writes on December 9, 2013

Our new course on CSS frameworks was just released! In Framework Basics, you’ll learn how to build websites using two of the most widely used Frameworks in the industry: Bootstrap and Foundation.

First, you’ll build a prototype using each framework’s common CSS features, components, and JavaScript plugins. Then, put everything learned about Bootstrap and Foundation into practice by building a simple marketing website for the Ribbit iOS and Android app.

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools necessary to build a website or app of any size using a CSS framework. You’ll also understand how frameworks can be useful when used properly, and which one might be best suited for your project.

Framework Basics

Edit: A new stage titled “What’s New in Foundation 5” is set to be released early January!

5 Responses to “Learn CSS Frameworks on Treehouse”

  1. Andrew Brown on December 15, 2013 at 12:04 pm said:

    Is this Foundation 5 or 4?

  2. Good Blog . It’s really very attractive and I love working on these these blog.

  3. Thank for fot Treehouse, it’s great. BTW. Great article.

  4. Thank you so much treehouse, this is exactly what I needed!

  5. THIS is why I love Treehouse. My job uses Bootstrap, but I’m interested in using Foundation for my personal projects. To be able to learn both is exciting.

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