BuddyPress provides out-of-the box social networking features for WordPress sites. This powerful plug-in lets communities build amazing sites. For example, BuddyPress allows members to easily register with custom profile fields, friend other users, receive a profile page, post status updates and so much more.  It also has powerful groups features that allow for both public and private groups where users can communicate and share information with others of similar interests.

Dive into our new course, Learn BuddyPress: Social Networks with WordPress.

The course covers all of the major starting points:

  • The features BuddyPress offers
  • How to set up and install BuddyPress
  • Managing members and registration
  • The ins and outs of member profiles
  • All of the social interactions BuddyPress offers
  • Recommended BuddyPress plug-ins and themes

If you need to build community-driven sites for yourself, your community or clients, check out our new course on BuddyPress. For more advanced users, we will unveil advanced content later this year.

Start learning BuddyPress now!