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Eric Siu
writes on December 6, 2012

If you have a few landing pages, but they aren’t coordinated and they aren’t placed on your website in any particular logical order you need to immediately fix this problem.

It’s not just a matter of strategy, it’s also a matter of quantity.

Hubspot has recently released Marketing Benchmarks From 7,000 Businesses, a report that touches on many topics, one of which is the impact that landing pages have on lead generation.

While having anywhere between one and 10 landing pages does not produce a significant increase in the number of leads generated, a 55 percent increase is achieved when a company has between 10 and 15 landing pages. Even more noticeable is the more than 100 percent increase when a company has 40 or more landing pages.

The data also shows that landing pages do produce benefits for business-to-business and business-to-customer markets, the results are more pronounced in the B2B marketplace.

3 reasons you need more landing pages

If seeing the sheer number of leads produced by using landing pages more frequently in your online marketing efforts isn’t enough, here are three more reasons to use landing pages.

1. More segmentation

If you have more leads it means you will be able to more effectively segment your contact list. Improved segmentation abilities mean you will be able to more carefully craft email messages and pitches.

2. More chances to convert

Landing pages don’t just help convert people browsing on your website, they also improve your search engine rankings and can, therefore, increase your website’s traffic. A landing page is specifically designed to take a visitor and turn them into a prospect by collecting their contact information. More landing pages will mean a greater number of visitors, greater conversion rates because of specifically targeted messages and more overall conversions.

3. More marketing materials

Each new landing page will be a new offer you get to present to the world. More offers means more prospects.

3 ways to increase the number of landing pages on your site

It’s one thing for me to tell you that you need more landing pages, but this section will explore how to expand on the number of landing pages on your website.

1. More offers

This is the hard part about increasing the number of landing pages on your website – you also need to create more offers. This will take some work, but the work will be worth it because you will see big increases in the number of leads you collect.

The first step in creating more offers is surveying what you already have – don’t double up. If you’re struggling to think of a new offer, here are some possible areas:

  • Explore offers to prospects in various stages of the buying cycle
  • Make offers in different formats (for example, eBooks, videos and webinars)
  • Base each offer on different topics

2. Repurpose

You already have the ability to create more offers and they are sitting underneath your nose. Look at your most popular blog posts and you will discover popular topics and ideas that you can use. Once you’ve identified your most popular blog post, look at other posts in that topic area and pull some of your posts together into an offer, like a new eBook.

3. Know buyer personas

Not all of your visitors are looking to solve the same problem. Identify the pain points for each of your prospects and group them according to these problems – these groups become buyer personas. Identify the offers you have that appeal to each persona. If there are personas without offers, address those gaps and create new offers.

How to build an effective landing page

An effective landing page improves the percentage of visitors that become leads. There are key areas of your landing page that will determine its effectiveness:

  • Headline
  • Content
  • Meta description
  • Keywords
  • Shareability
  • Navigation
  • Information collection

1. Headline

You need to make sure a visitor can understand your landing page and what it’s about within five seconds of them arriving – think of it as a blink test. Ensuring your landing page is easy to understand begins with the headline. An effective title for a landing page will include what the offer includes and provide some information about the offer.

Consider the landing page below from RightSignature. Its headline: “The easiest, fastest way to get documents filled out and signed online.” That’s a clear, effective headline.


When you are writing your headline you also need to consider what ad brought people to your landing page. If you headline copy doesn’t match with your ad copy your visitors will get confused and could quickly leave your site.

2. Content

The body and main content of your landing page needs to clearly outline your offer and what it includes. By using the body of your landing page to further convey and reinforce the value offered by your product or service you will further increase the page’s conversion rate. Spell out the benefits you or your product offer as clearly and simply as possible.

It’s not enough to put blocks of text on your landing page – it needs to be easy to read. Using bulleted lists can help breakdown convoluted paragraphs into easy to understand text.

Look at the RightSignature landing page above. Along the bottom of the page you’ll notice two columns of bullets that clearly outline their product’s benefits.

This landing page, and others like it, clearly lay out the most important benefits of RightSignature.

3. Meta descriptions and keywords

The meta description describes what your landing page is about. They are the first place a search engine will look to determine the relevancy of your landing page. Don’t make the meta description more than 150 characters, just 10 characters longer than a tweet.

Keeping your meta descriptions short, keyword-rich without being spammy, and relevant will mean more people will click on your site in search engine results.

4. Shareability

You need to make things easy to share and including social media buttons on your landing page is just as important as including them on your latest blog post. If someone is willing to download a report you’ve released, why wouldn’t they be likely to share it with their connections?


Having someone share your landing page will result in more visitors and, ultimately, more conversions and prospects. The Double Chin landing page above has Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook sharing buttons on the bottom right hand corner of the page.

5. Navigation

You put a lot of work and effort into getting someone to your landing page. Don’t make it too easy to leave.

When you get someone to your landing page, the goal is to get them to sign up for an offer or submit their personal information. Don’t let them navigate their way to your blog or About page – great landing pages making navigating away harder by hiding the navigation options.


Look at the landing page from Monetate. Their landing page has removed all navigation and squeezes visitors into submitting data to the contact form on the right hand side of the page.

6. Information collection

The Monetate landing page above also has an excellent information submission form. The form requires first and last name, your company, and your email. By asking for basic information and making that information mandatory, you’ll cut down on junk leads and increase the quality of leads you collection.

Start now

Don’t wait to start crafting new offers and building landing pages to support those offers. The data shows you will see an increase in the number of leads you collect and the tips contained above will help you achieve landing page awesomeness.

What are some other landing page tips that I missed?

Photo credit: Some rights reserved by Phillie Casablanca


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  1. Great and informative article! I’ts also advisable to have a subscription form on your landing page, this is good if you have a blog and want your readers to keep updated with your latest post.

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