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Ryan Carson
writes on December 3, 2018

Meet Joy.

She is one of 12 women working toward an entry-level engineering job made possible by Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO) and our TalentPath program, a training solution for hiring and retaining engineers from underrepresented groups.

Her path to technology, however, has not been a smooth one. She has faced many hurdles, including homelessness, abusive relationships, and struggling to raise her daughter as a single mom. But she didn’t give up.

“I have fought through unemployment, underemployment, and many barriers to earn a living wage. My job, our housing, and our food never felt stable. Even though I worked a full-time position, I still struggled to make ends meet for my daughter and myself.”

Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO) and TalentPath

Dress for Success Oregon (DFSO) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support. They introduced her to the opportunity of training to become a software engineer and she joined TalentPath’s group of students working towards a Software Engineering Apprenticeship at the Portland offices of Acquia, a company specializing in managing digital customer experience.

“As one of the first women to benefit from this program, I feel like a pioneer! What an amazing gift it is to be one of the diverse women in the TalentPath program. Just knowing that this exists for women like me is such an incredible opportunity. I am forever grateful to Dress for Success Oregon.”

Dress for Success relies on donations from individuals and companies in order to help women like Joy. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

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