Regular readers of Think Vitamin may know that Carsonified, the company behind the blog, also run a number of web related events in Europe and the USA. We thought you might like to know that we recently launched our free to join event affiliate program. Here’s how we describe it on the web site:

The Carsonified Affiliate Program allows you to earn money. Every time a ticket to an event is purchased thanks to someone clicking on your affiliate link or banner we pay you £20. Sell five tickets through your site and earn £100, sell twenty and treat yourself to a new laptop.

Here’s Ryan to tell you a bit more about it:

You might wonder what Ryan is pointing to in the video. He’s referring to the new page on our web site dedicated to the affiliate program.

On it you will find all you need to know about how to sign up to the program and will also be able to grab banners for all of our upcoming events including:

If you have any questions about the program please do get in touch via e-mail:

Visit our new affiliate web page to find out all you need to know.